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T'rese takes us to A World of My Own, her new recording on 1Life Records. She wrote and co-wrote almost all the tracks to her album set. A splendid piece of production work by Tony White.

It's soulful, uplifting and entertaining. With her smooth, silky vocals she kicks off with the infectious 'Our Love Is A Flame' and it's one of those songs that any three year old, grandma and grandpa will enjoy singing along to. There is the sexy 'You Are My Lover', a Spanish flavoured love song with an upbeat tempo. 'Crime Song' takes on social issue with hard-hitting lyrics and a poetic rap by Nomadic Poet. Another catchy number 'Do you Remember' is a bangingupbeat tune with a little Latin, Caribbean & African flavour and soulful melody. T'rese demonstrates a mixture of musical influences, her natural silky voice blends perfectly with this classic, laid back Sade like track 'You've Gotta Be Strong'. Listen once and this track will most certainly relax every part of your body and it's turning out to be one of many favourites. Other songs on the album address the complexity of male/female relationships.

In the most convincing manner, T'RESE's versatility is certified in the sensuous/soulful masterpiece blended with a touch of lovers rock, 'That's the Way My Lovin' Goes'. This new artist certainly has staying power.

Artist: T'rese
Album Title: A World of My Own
Label: 1Life Records
Price : £9.99
P&P: £1.75

Produced and mixed by Tony White at Whitelight Production
© copright control (BMI)

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In a World of My Own Our Love is a Flame That's the Way My Lovin' Goes You've Gotta Be Strong

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